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Providing clients with the means to transition to renewable energy.








What we use to provide you an action plan.

This map displays some of the data we would typically analyze to assess client feasability. To open the different layers of the map click the double arrows in the top left corner. There you can toggle between various filters corresponding to respective parameters. Clicking the down arrow next to the layers shows a legend of the symbology. We also use remote sensing and spatial data to analyze solar irradance along with your hydro bill in our database outlining the where you gain the greates economic benifit from switching.


  • Step 1

    You reach out to us for help to develop an action plan

  • Step 2

    With our tool, we collect and analyze all of your data to create an RFP including all costs, trends and implementation designs for the project

  • Step 3

    This acts as a proof of concept which we would use to connect you to an investor who can provide the upfront costs and facilitate the initiative for you

  • Step 4

    You get your solar panels designed and installed, you make profit, the investor makes profit, and your energy usage is now sustainable!

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